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The principle of Digital Printing – we use modern technology, with years of experience to provide an extensive range of fabric and design services.


Tecstyle have over 25 years’ experience in digital printing in the UK and USA. Using state-of-the-art digital fabric printers, we offer a second-to-none quality service at very competitive prices with no minimums. 



Our extensive range of natural and synthetic fabrics make vibrant designs for all our clients.



Clients can remotely link with our CAD operator and colourist to get Colour separations, Design manipulations or Recolouring Designs.



Tecstyle offers commissioned Artwork, Hand painted and cAD designs.



Tecstyle can make up printed products including Cushions, Towels and Throws.


Professional Printing services
for a digital world

Tecstyle design state of the art custom designed fabric printing on a wide range materials for a wide range of uses in many sectors. Tecstyle can offer their clients comprehensive pricing for your project, simply get in touch with out team and we will supply you with a quote to complete your project in quick time.

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Fabric Printing

Tecstyle has an extensive range of natural and synthetic fabrics.

Natural Fabrics

  • Fabrics include cottons, linens, viscose and various mixes
  • Organic, sustainable and recycled natural fabrics are also available
  • Various weave structures and weights available

Natural Fabric Printing process

Pigment Printing: With revolutionary preparation of natural fabrics, vibrant colours with soft handling is now available using pigment printing.

Synthetic Fabrics

  • Fabrics include velvet, chenille, herringbone, flame retardant and eco fabrics
  • Synthetic fabrics are basically polyesters which has been a sigma in the furnishing industry especially in the high end and designer brands. In the past five years there has been major developments with the refinement of polyester yarns creating fabrics looking and feeling like natural fabric. In particular waste plastic i.e. bottles are being recycled into luxury fabrics.

Synthetic Fabric Printing process

Dye Sublimatation Printing: The process for printing on synthetic fabrics is achieved by printing special dyes onto transfer paper and then heat transferred onto fabric via a rotary heat press. The printing result is stunning with high definition and vibrance colours are achieved.

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Our latest products
View our latest made-up goods

We can produce any design or pattern you provide us and make up a wide range of items. Our state-of-the-art digital printers are equipped to print the most vibrant of colours on an extensive range of natural and synthetic fabrics.

  • Cushions
  • Throws
  • Towelss
  • Beach Towels
  • Tea Towels

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